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Sat., Dec. 8, 2012

Unemployed don’t apply for jobs

We know there are millions of unemployed workers in this country. “Unemployed” means they are physically able to work if they can find a job, which – to clarify – excludes the elderly and disabled. What I have personally noticed, and what I hear from friends across this country, is unbelievable: despite millions on extended unemployment, very few people are applying for jobs anymore.

In an economy like this, I would expect to see hundreds of resumes for each position, but routinely only a handful show up. At a time when employers should have a number of well-qualified applicants to choose from, instead they are left with a few who are not ideal but perhaps one will do. It feels like the days when everyone had a job and employers had to offer great incentives to attract the right candidate. Often when there are no great candidates, the employer finds ways to eliminate the position.

Sadly, the pool of willing applicants has been significantly reduced. If this continues, the job market may permanently contract so there is no longer a place for those who were temporarily sidelined.

Today, there are still opportunities out there. Please don’t give up! We want you back.

Gail Oehl


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