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Sat., Dec. 8, 2012, midnight

Zehm death not behind us

So, we’re all supposed to put Otto Zehm’s death behind us now? It was not a confrontation, he was attacked. Did Officer Karl Thompson Jr. mistake Otto for another homeless person?

Thompson enjoyed a salary of $73,000 for the five years he was doing nothing, had full medical, etc., yet can’t afford to pay his attorney fees? Guess who’s going to pay for his appeal, etc? Carl Oreskovich is making out like a fat rat.

Spokane, we have money to burn, if only we could afford to fix and plow our streets on time.

Thompson made a promise to his ex(?)-wife. What about the oath he made to serve and protect? His divorce was an obvious ploy to dodge his responsibility. The man who killed Trayvon Martin in Florida and lied about his resources had his bail revoked and he went back to jail. Subpoena Thompson’s bank statements, seize his home, assets and repay the city the half-million dollars. Next time, a public defender.

Rest in peace, Otto.

Donna Hart

Chattaroy, Wash.

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