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Sun., Dec. 9, 2012

News wasn’t in paper

I sit, on these winter mornings, with the sun at my back, a cup of tea at my side, and your newspaper in front of me. That’s one of my low-tech, low-key pleasures. A pleasure you disrupted Dec. 5 on Page A-5.

In a hard news story about the passage of the marijuana law, you did not tell us how the Spokane County vote broke down by area. Instead, you referred us to your website. I have no problem with using your website for chats, comments, or other interactive purposes. And if I wanted to view extensive photos of inane celebrities, I would be willing to go online as directed by some of your insert magazines. But this was real, newsworthy information, withheld unless I turned on the computer.

Is your newspaper going to become nothing but a series of ads and teasers for your website?

Monique Lillard


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