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The accused has finest day

Richard Sherman draws a flag for a celebration where he and Kam Chancellor pretended to dig the Cards’ grave. (Associated Press)
Richard Sherman draws a flag for a celebration where he and Kam Chancellor pretended to dig the Cards’ grave. (Associated Press)

SEATTLE – The Seahawks made laughable history Sunday, and no one laughed harder than Richard Sherman. The cornerback is always at the center of fun and frivolity, even when he’s also entangled in controversy.

Sherman is either innocent of this performance-enhancing drugs charge, or he’s the most impervious busted athlete ever. It’s a kind of mental fortitude that you must admire despite having conflicting thoughts about his looming four-game suspension.

You enjoy him because he leaves you no choice. You wince at his bravado and wonder when his antics will become too much. But then he does something spectacular again, he celebrates like a first-grader at recess, and you can’t help but smile while shaking your head.

Did you see Sherman against Arizona on Sunday, the life of the Seahawks’ absurd 58-0 party, intercepting and dancing and gesturing? He returned his first pick for a 19-yard touchdown and did what his teammates referred to as the Sherman Shuffle or the Ringworm Sherm. Later, he added his second interception and recovered a fumble, accounting for three of the eight turnovers the Seahawks forced.

He also drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for pretending to dig the Cardinals’ grave with safety Kam Chancellor. After the flag, Sherman pointed to the official and said, “Good call.”

He should be more humble. He should be more subdued. If his appeal of his PEDs suspension isn’t compelling this week, he should feel ashamed and remorseful.

But don’t expect anything from Sherman other than a big smile and an even bigger dose of bravado.

The Seahawks were so thorough and persistent in their domination of the Cardinals that you doubled over at the ridiculousness. It was bird-on-bird crime.

This was the kind of performance the Seahawks defense needed after several weeks of struggles. They didn’t hemorrhage yards and then benefit from turnovers. They shut down the Cardinals completely. Arizona gained just 154 yards, compared to the Seahawks’ season-high 493. The Cardinals never really threatened to score.

“It was unbelievable,” Sherman said. “It was a total team effort.”

It was the most complete performance the Seahawks have had this season. It was the most pathetic performance the Cardinals have had.

Over the past few weeks, as you’ve awaited the truth about his possible suspension, you have had to ponder the dark side of what Sherman is capable of, but for one day – one wild, lopsided day – he looked less like the accused and more like the best cornerback in the NFL.


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