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Retirement exceptions needed

Being kicked around the Washington, D.C., area is a proposal to raise the retirement age. It is nice to see that consideration for governmental employees, office and Wall Street workers, wholesale and retail employees, and lawyers and doctors and others that don’t have rigorous physical jobs, and can have this option.

Being involved in farm, military and heavy construction all of my life, I ask that consideration be given to the heavy construction field (carpenters, iron workers, millwrights, miners, fishermen, farmers, linemen, road builders, dam and power plant builders). These are the infrastructural builders and the feeders of our country, but they cannot just keep working until they drop (although, many do) because they cannot collect any retirement funds for another three or so years.

These people are physically broken. Their backs, legs and arms, in lots of cases, are unsustainable but not bad enough to get disability, according to guidelines. Their only hope is to be able to continue until early retirement.

Congress people and senators – Please consider What You Do.

Dave Darlow



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