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Washington records

Tue., Dec. 11, 2012, midnight

Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Deborah L. Gutierrez and Kylar R. Ascension Gutierrez, both of Rathdrum.

Eric T. White and Joanne E. Kemp, both of Spokane.

Kelle A. England and Timothy A. Ernster, both of Springfield, Ore.

Melissa D. Nystrom and Meredith G. Coleman, both of Spokane.

Donald H. Skaufel and Robert L. Crouch, both of Spokane.

Scott E. Booth and Darrell A. Rautio, both of Spokane.

Kristina A. Furley and Brianna J. Scott, both of Spokane.

Alexander W. Enfinger and Blair M. Ehlert, both of Spokane Valley.

Katherine E. Miller and Arakni J. Rising, both of Spokane.

Wendy L. Graybeal and Bethany C. Sweigert, both of Spokane.

Nathanael G. Lynch, of Selah, Wash., and Charlotte A. Graf, of Ronan, Mont.

Joseph R. Matheson and Amanda R. Beveridge, both of Spokane.

Justin P. Breitkreutz and Dorothy C. Marston, both of Spokane.

Jenna L. Major and Allison L. Smith, both of Spokane.

Vicente A. Mendez and Erin W. Gavin, both of Spokane.

Shane J. Hillson and Brittany C. Harris, both of Spokane.

Dean R. Kelly and Collette v. Parry, both of Coeur d’Alene.

In the courts Superior courts

New suits

American West Bank v. Daniel J. Russell, money claimed owed.

Banner Bank v. Estate of Helen M. Hollingsworth et al., foreclosure.

Leah P. Stafford v. Jennifer Disantis, injuries/vehicle collision.

Samuel W. Sparling v. Rawley R. Gadley, injuries/vehicle collision.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Valente, Darlene K. and Richard J.

Terreault, John W. and Jennifer M.

Yakshin, Pavel and Irina

Lewis, Renee L. and Paul W.

Beniquez, Obdulia M. and Robin J.

Marriage dissolutions granted

McKinley, Sandra and Gregory

Phelps, Tamara and Randle

Shaver, Brandon P. and Heritage E.

Froese, Miriam R. and John J.

Nash, Christopher J. and Susan K.

Rivera, Janell L. and Frank W.

Leppert, Yosef A. and Selina R.

Carr, Tamara L. and Rick L.

Balcom, Christopher W. and Christina J.

Rodarte, Richard J. and Brandie R.

Davis, Savannah and Jeffrey

Sayer, Rachel and Jonathan

Criminal sentencings

Judge Sam F. Cozza

Joshua G. Swanson, 25; 12 months in jail, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance.

Derrick D. Barr, 37; five months in jail with credit given for 42 days served, after pleading guilty to domestic violence riot.

Cora L. Rosencrantz, 54; one day in jail with credit given for one day served, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance.

Maurice D. Ferguson, 31; 23.75 months in prison, after pleading guilty to violation of order.

Tony M. Clark, 32; six plus months in jail with credit given for 121 days served, after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance.

Oladejo Olajoyegbe, 24; 25 months in prison with credit given for 139 days served, after pleading guilty to second-degree robbery and residential burglary.

Federal court

Bankruptcy petitions

Matthew Hardee, 5621 W. Armstrong Drive; debts of $34,626.

Kevin Benson, Colbert; debts of $316,621.

Shelley May and Kalu Okeke, Pullman; debts of $134,270.

Weldon and Rhea Gilbert Jr., Deer Park; debts of $37,250.

Adena Katruska, 1529 E. Boone Ave.; debts of $64,084.

William Eugene White, Spokane Valley; debts of $84,438.

Roger Sanders, 1727 E. Longfellow; debts of $106,740.

Kenneth and Connie Olson, 170 S. Coeur d’Alene St.; debts of $251,448.

Melinda and Gregory Keene, 15314 N. Edencrest Drive; debts of $501,624.

Mark and Vickie Jackson, 7916 E. August; debts of $210,648.

Jason Brewer, 10912 E. Augusta; debts of $113,808.

Grace Elizai, Pasco; debts of $48,567.

Gary and Vanessa Griffey, Edwall, Wash.; debts of $59,776.

Andrew Hansen, 8419 N. Whitehouse Drive; debts of $38,158.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Mary Logan

Loran T. Bacon, 42; 21 days in jail, theft.

James D. Brewer, 51; 13 days in jail, disorderly conduct and second-degree trespass premises.

Curtis E. Burgett, 49; 15 days in jail, theft.

Rachel A. Connors, 40; 16 days in jail, theft.

Kent N.F. Durham, 29; 60 days in jail, theft.

John J. Fishback, 48; $1,195 fine, two days in jail, driving while intoxicated.

Sarah J. Fox, 26; 14 days in jail, theft.

Shane O. Frost, 38; 30 days in jail, two counts of theft.

Heidi L. Goicoechea, 30; five days in jail, making a false statement.

David B. Grande, 48; 45 days in jail, assault.

Judge Michelle Szambelan

Mark R. Kanally, 60; 90 days in jail, first-degree trespass building.

Chandra L. Kelly, 27; six days in jail, theft.

Richard T. Kinkeade, 49; 17 days in jail, theft.

Lester W. Kratz, 50; 30 days in jail, malicious mischief personal property.

Mychael J.F. Langford, 24; six days in jail, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Linda A. Legg, 41; 18 days in jail, theft.

Samantha A. Madson, 25; two days in jail, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Dale M. McDougall, 44; one day in jail, pedestrian interference.

Rachel A. Mitchell, 26; 18 days in jail, second-degree trespass premises.

Ian A. Moody, 33; 10 days in jail, two counts of third-degree driving with license suspended.

Nathan D. Mora, 23; 22 days in jail, two counts of theft.

Phillip J. Needham, 55; 20 days in jail, second-degree trespass premises.

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