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Thu., Dec. 13, 2012, midnight

Advertise for cheaper help

Regarding The Spokesman-Review Dec. 6 article, “Budget raises taxes, CEO pay,” the main question that remains unanswered is: Exactly what is the nature of the mental illness that one develops upon becoming a politician?

I wish a psychiatrist would address this very serious mental health concern. Spokane County is reducing services, increasing property taxes, facing sluggish revenue growth and staff cuts. The resolution to these dire fiscal matters is to hand their administrator a $33,800 pay increase? A 26 percent increase from $127,300 to $161,100 annually?

They have the gall to call themselves public servants? I have brilliant unprecedented advice for them: Try advertising for a replacement offering a $100,000 salary. That is a reduction of $61,100 compared to this incomparable administrator. If you don’t instantly have 100 well-qualified applications, I will make the sacrifice and take the job myself.

Joel Novin


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