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Stop whining, start investing

What pathetic whining! The GOP has no standing in their clamor to permanently extend the Bush tax cuts. They legislated the cuts with a built-in expiration date, then whined their way into extending them for two years. After profiting immensely from these unsustainable tax breaks, they are now whining again.

This is the same gang that calls itself the “job creators,” who have not been creating jobs (except in other countries) with this tax windfall. They blame President Barack Obama (government) for a lack of job growth. These folks are really confused! They want government to cut, not create, jobs, then blame our current president for not creating jobs while they, the famed job creators, refuse to meet their own job description.

In fact, they love to move factories overseas and deny former employees their pensions. That sounds like “job cutters” to me.

We need government to focus on upgrading our infrastructure, which has to happen and is overdue. This would create American private-sector jobs, and money borrowed to do it is with interest rates at historic lows. I am willing to invest in our country by paying my taxes. So, GOP, stop whining and invest in America.

Ann Warwick



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