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SATURDAY, DEC. 15, 2012

Tire studs not so safe

Carolyn Jacobsen (Nov. 14) and other studded tire users, please open up your eyes and read the safety reports! Every current report states that studded tires actually have less traction than quality all-season or winter tires. What part of less traction do you not understand?

I myself have never used studded tires, and have never had an accident, even though I have driven for nearly 50 years and about a half-million miles. In addition, every study shows that studded tires are indeed ruining our roads. What else do you think is causing all the ruts in our roads? It isn’t the limited number of 18-wheelers and huge trucks carrying heavy loads. It’s the studded tires people like you fearfully mount on your vehicle after the first snow in November, and don’t remove until forced to six months later in April!

Bottom line: If you cannot be convinced, and your peace of mind still requires the use of studded tires, you need to pay extra for the damage your studs cause to our roads. Stop ruining the roads and trying to impose your driving failures and fears on the rest of us!

Joe Banna

Spokane Valley

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