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Sun., Dec. 16, 2012

Christmas under assault

To Mr. Wolfe, regarding his take on the lack of a “war on Christmas,” I beg to differ. While decorated trees and lights were adopted from pagan festivities, Christmas itself is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ: Christ-mas.

As a Christian, it is one of the most sacred holidays of our year, celebrated with joy and reverence. You cannot really call it Christmas if you believe otherwise. Call it Winterfest, or whatever.

The world is doing its best to trivialize Christmas into something meaningless: how much money you spend; how many gifts you get; Santa Claus; completely devoid of God. Every year we hear more and more about how some atheist is “offended” by someone saying “God bless you, Merry Christmas,” or that some Nativity scene should be removed from somewhere. I, for one, am sick of the attacks on my faith.

Remember, our founding fathers were God-fearing/loving Christian men. If you don’t like the “religious” displays, then look away. I am forced to look away from all the homosexuality constantly being flaunted in my face these days. Why should this be any different? Oh, because it’s on public land? Well, we Christians are a large part of the public, too.

Catherine Green

Spokane Valley

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