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Republicans can’t cave

Republicans who cave on tax increases (closing loopholes should be accompanied by lower rates) will face the wrath of voters in the next election, as well they should. After Democrats tell us what they are willing to cut and we present our own ideas, why not use our leverage to demand a complete tax overhaul, even if it means going past Jan. 1 to finish the task? Don’t lower tax rates mean increased revenues?

If we become more like Democrats, we don’t see a reason for our party to exist. The media would have us believe there is too much division in our politics. We see it as a good thing. Aren’t we in trouble now from parties doing too much “working together”?

We don’t see why there would be any significant public backlash to eliminating foreign aid in favor of supporting the Overseas Private Investment Corp., which truly builds up goodwill from beneficiaries toward the USA while creating jobs here. Do you agree?

If we don’t stand on principle in order to “get along,” our party is going to be blamed anyway when things go wrong. Why not just do what is right for the country?

Craig and Joan Detmer



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