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West Central solid

I have lived for nearly 30 years on the alley in West Central where a body was recently found. Yes, it can be gritty living in our neighborhood, but it’s not the violent, semi-feral scene I have seen portrayed on the media as I anxiously tried to find out if any of my neighbors were the victim.

Over the last 15 years, in spite of exploitive landlords, obstructive code enforcement policies, and all the problems that come with pockets of poverty, neighbors have worked hard to get to know each other, and block by block create relationships where we look out for each other.

We welcome new neighbors busy with school, kids, jobs, gardens, activities, but committed to making ours a safe and vibrant neighborhood. Riverfront Farms trains and employs kids, while knitting the neighborhood together with gardens, yard work and a public market.

Many West Central residents are proud of the historic working class bungalows and grander homes, the old trees and antique roses, our economic and cultural diversity, our eccentricity, vitality, even living with the perversity. We have the river on three sides and southern exposure. We don’t want to move, we want to keep getting better.

Beatrice Lackaff



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