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Don’t blame the guns

Once again our homes are filled with another tragic shooting where not only adults were killed, but many young children.

The cries for more gun control were almost immediate. But please don’t blame the guns. Guns didn’t do this, a person did this. I am sickened and saddened by the thought that one human could do so much damage to another human, especially an innocent child.

Every day in this country, millions of rounds of ammunition are fired by lawful gun owners as a form of recreation, protection and sport without any problems. But let one idiot go crazy in a school and people cry for more gun control. More restrictive gun laws would not have prevented this tragedy.

New laws are only followed by lawful people. Everything this person did today was illegal. But please don’t blame the guns; place the blame where it belongs, on the person or persons who committed this horrible crime.

Larry Smith

Worley, Idaho


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