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Thu., Dec. 20, 2012, midnight

Check your guns

During intermission of “The Nutcracker” last week, I noticed a man sitting across the aisle from me was wearing a holster and a gun. I informed an usher who suggested maybe that the man was a policeman. I assured him he did not look anything like a policeman. I kept one eye on the stage and another on the man. It was truly a frightening experience.

After the show ended, I asked him why he would wear a gun and holster to an event like this. He said he had to walk through Riverfront Park and it was scary. I told him that his sitting in the theater wearing a gun was also scary, to which he said, “Oh, grow up, lady.”

Maybe it’s time to have signs that say, “Check your guns at the office,” like they did in the Old West.

Beverly Vorpahl


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