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Fagan clueless on libraries

Councilman Mike Fagan is not a librarian and knows nothing of library science or culture. That is crystal clear to all who saw his Dec. 10 rant. He launched an ignorant and obnoxious attack on Spokane’s library system and employees and by extension libraries throughout the world. His viewpoint was so extreme it was hilarious and sad at the same time. Has the man ever used a library?

As Fagan listed the budgeted positions, he sneered at nearly every one. How were the hard-working employees who hold those positions to feel about that lack of respect?

I recall over 60 years ago riding in all weather my little bike to the old North Side library across from Willard school. I fell in love with libraries then, and I have followed with delight as Spokane’s system has moved into this century.

Please stand up against book burners such as Mike Fagan.

Ron Myers



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