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We created the monster

Well, once again we villagers have broken out the torches and pitchforks in pursuit of the latest of Dr. Frankenstein’s monsters. The monster, as always, is resurrected from various cadaver parts. The Second Amendment is, of course, not dead. Nor should it be. However, it remains alive and well and lives on daily, with frequent transfusions of innocents’ blood.

By all that you deem holy, look in your hearts. Do you honestly believe that when writing of “arms” the founders considered military-grade automatic weapons with the firepower to slay scores in seconds? Were they considering loners, schizophrenics, etc., acting on crazed impulse, or twisted claims to fame, when they wrote of a “well-regulated militia”?

So what cadaver parts? 1. Try a deadlocked Congress unwilling to compromise on any issue; 2. A festering hatred for some government official or agency that may have wronged you; 3. An outdated good guy/bad guy mentality more suited to 1950s B-movie westerns than the 21st century. Those are just some of the easy cadavers.

So keep the torches lit, the pitchforks sharp. There’ll be more monsters in our future as long as we provide the doctor with dead parts and ideas.

George Hale



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