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Liberals don’t get it

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” You can count on those words to be the inspiration of the left for a while to come.

Leftist politicians know that most of their constituents will take the feel-good position of “let’s ban guns” without giving the real issue a single thought. They’ll wring their hands and tell themselves that were it not for guns, evil people would be doing charity work for the poor. It won’t occur to them that if evil people couldn’t get guns, they’d just build bombs or concoct poisons or any number of other things those intent on doing harm will find.

You can be sure, too, that it never occurs to the rank-and-file liberal that the bad guys aren’t going to turn in their guns if the left gets its way.

Try asking your typical liberal why these things only happen in places where the occupants can’t carry firearms – where they can’t defend themselves. All you’ll get is a shrug while your liberal friend goes back to his Twitter account.

Randall Jones

Newman Lake


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