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Obituary: Stovall, Dale E.

Sun., Dec. 23, 2012

STOVALL, Dale E. 12/19/54 - 11/24/12 Family, friends, co-workers and colleagues were all shocked when at the age of just 57, Dale passed away after a major heart attack in his North Jefferson home, despite efforts by EMTs, in the presence of his longtime girlfriend, his brother, and a number of good friends.

Born in Sebastopol, California, Dale lived for quite some time in Visalia, CA and Arizona, and lived and worked in several other states, before moving to Spokane 8 years ago, when he took over the management of a well-known telemarketing company for which he had worked (and proven himself) prior to living here.

In the meantime, having worked at insurance sales, managing a carpet cleaning service, and in other phone sales positions, he had developed many skills and turned the local office into a highly successful operation.

Dale tried to be autocratic, but to him it was impossible.

He hired virtually everyone who applied regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or criminal record, and in business practices, though necessarily somewhat stern, he was also both incredibly fair and generous to all.

Though some who worked for him often disagreed with his straightforward and sometimes abrasive manner, ultimately all who knew him understood that his methods were essential to the work and most ended up liking him, and often more.

He would often hire back people he had formerly fired, for example; sometimes in several instances.

His interests were his girlfriend of more than 8 years, his work, golf, pool (he was well known at the Broadway Tavern), and football, and partners and opponents alike admired and respected his abilities in all his pursuits.

Cremated locally, while he was preceded by his beloved brother, Alan, he was survived by his lady, Nancy Larson; his mother, Betty Clark Rantz, of Casa Grande, Arizona; his brother, Glenn; his best friend, Darin M. Dark; his innumerable other friends as well as past and present co workers; and his boss and friend, Mike Howe, who assisted greatly and in many ways after the disheartening event.

Dale would never have wanted nor accepted cash assistance in his own behalf, but if you’d like to assist Nancy in her hour of need and to help defray the costs of transporting his remains to his mother’s in Arizona next spring, cash assistance can be sent to: “Donations” c/o 5335 N. Driscoll Blvd., Spokane, WA 99295-6061.

Dale will always be missed and virtually all who knew him were extremely sad to see him go, especially at such a young age.

“Requiem in Pace”, Dale


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