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Sun., Dec. 23, 2012

Right to work for less

In his Dec. 15 column, Charles Krauthammer shows once again that he is simply a flack for the National Right to Work Committee. In his article, Charles states that unemployment in right-to-work states is 10 percent lower than in non-right-to-work states. The truth is that unemployment in right-to-work states is actually 0.58 percent lower.

In exchange for that roughly one-half percent of higher employment, workers give up $161.51 per week in wages. All of these figures are available at, the government’s labor statistics website. I won’t say that Charles is a liar; that would be unkind. I believe he is fed the same lies and misinformation that the so-called Right to Work Committee has been feeding the public for many years.

I live in a right-to-work-for-less state, and I have seen firsthand the disintegration of the average worker’s living standards. Don’t buy into the lies. Find out the facts for yourself.

Steven Brown


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