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Mon., Dec. 24, 2012

Honor teachers

As a teacher, the horrific events in Connecticut have hit me hard. It took me a few tries before I found a career that made me excited to go to work every day. What ultimately drew me to teaching was building relationships with kids and helping them grow as learners and as young adults. Their sparkling personalities, silliness, humor, insightfulness, perspective and innocence make each day in the classroom a joy.

As teachers, we also understand what a tremendous responsibility it is caring for other people’s children. It is our job to help raise them, and that is a challenge we do not take lightly. It’s not unusual to hear a teacher talk about “my kids” rather than “my students.” At times, we are the main parental figure in their life, and they are members of our families.

To all parents, know that the teachers here in Spokane would do the same thing that the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary did, take a bullet for any one of your children. And this holiday season, as you hug your kids, take time to say thank you to their teachers for all that they do, and would do.

Adam Gangelhoff


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