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Join effort against guns

The tragedy in Newtown, Conn., is just another reminder of how violent our society has become. Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when people choose to use a gun to resolve issues and then, as a final insult, do not accept responsibility for their actions by killing themselves.

An even deeper tragedy is the fact that the politicians choose to sweep these incidents under the rug as news of the tragedies abate. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has courageously worked to help in the reform of gun violence with the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. With his considerable personal wealth, Bloomberg is not tied to lobbyist and other gun advocate monies in funding his political career. Please pressure our politicians to join in this effort, and finally move to stop this needless carnage.

A question to Spokane Mayor David Condon: Have you and our city joined this effort? I have a dear friend who was one of the victims of the Tucson shooting and saw what she went through and continues to go through with all of the subsequent shootings. My thoughts and prayers continue to be for the victims and families of these unnecessary acts of violence.

Carol Belton



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