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McMorris Rodgers insensitive

My husband and I were appalled with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ statement in the Dec. 15 paper that “We need to look at what drives a crazy person to do these kinds of actions,” in reference to the disturbing shootings in Connecticut. I expect a more educated and compassionate response from a U.S. representative.

I worked in the children’s mental health system for five years in Seattle, and McMorris Rodgers’ word choice is careless, and only perpetuates the stigma associated with mental illness. Individuals are less likely to seek treatment if they perceive they are viewed as a “crazy person” when, in fact, they are dealing with an actual disease.

As one of our national leaders, I would ask McMorris Rodgers (and others) to please be more careful in her word choice in the future so that we can move forward in getting people with legitimate disorders the help and resources they truly need.

Gretchen Cleveland



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