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Annie’s Mailbox: Ask friend not to post your photos

Dear Annie: We are very private people and do not have, nor do we want, a Facebook account. Our friend knows this, but when we sent her a picture of our newest grandchild via email, she posted this picture with full details on her Facebook page without our permission.

We didn’t say anything to her, but of course, we no longer send her any photographs. Please tell your readers that posting such things without permission is a violation of someone’s trust in you. Do you agree? – Not a Facebook Fan

Dear Not: Yes – and no. Many people don’t mind and don’t care. The fact that your friend knows you don’t have a Facebook account doesn’t mean she has any idea that you object to her posting your grandchild’s photograph. She may have thought she was doing you a favor. Please don’t be silent. Tell her you would appreciate it if she would remove the photo immediately and not post any others without permission.

Dear Annie: “Disappointed in Ohio” complained that the husband of one of her friends kept attending their regular all-girl get-togethers. You printed a response from “Omaha,” who said that she and her friends have been having lunch for several years. Since one of their friends has Alzheimer’s, her husband brings her to the luncheon and stays to enjoy lunch with the ladies. “Omaha” said they enjoy his company, and when his wife can no longer attend, they will still invite him.

I want to say hats off to those ladies for including their friend, despite the fact that she has Alzheimer’s, and for their willingness to include her husband. This speaks volumes for the kind of friends they are. And hats off to the husband for going the extra mile to make sure his wife doesn’t miss out on social gatherings. “Omaha” really touched my heart. – Minot, N.D.

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