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Thu., Dec. 27, 2012

It must not happen here

It can’t happen here. I mean, I know it has before: Moses Lake, Oregon, and Lewis and Clark, but LC is a big high school.

I’m retired now; 12 years as a police officer, 20 years in Army infantry, 14 years as hospital security. I’ve got the macho T-shirt.

But on Dec. 5, when an email said “Freeman School in lockdown,” I thought “Yeah, right.” Freeman? Freeman? Give me a break. Drive down there some time. There’s a small grocery and the schools. Got to be a drill. So I called, “This is a drill, right?”

“No, this is for real.”

How do you process that; the fear? My two little girls in a for-real lockdown.

As I watched the events unfold in Connecticut, there were tears in my eyes, I knew what the parents felt, except I didn’t get the awful news.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to the Freeman faculty, staff and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

But it can’t happen here, not again. Please.

Steven Stuart


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