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Board out of touch on school bond issue

I was distraught when reading the Saturday S-R article on the East Valley School District plans for a massive bond issue. The board’s lack of sensitivity to today’s economy and the impact on homeowner taxpayers is astonishing.

When 70 percent of the general population is stressed about the economy, paying bills and job security, combined with the uncertainty of federal tax rates and health care costs in 2013 and beyond – most prudent people would ask, “What is the board thinking?”

At East Valley a 1,500-seat performing arts center and a new fieldhouse or wrestling room! This is a high school, not Notre Dame or Alabama. Reading, writing, logical thinking, math, science, etc., should be the focus. What can the board be thinking?

And the cost of all this? For the average homeowner an additional $242 a year for many years in the future. What can the board be thinking?

We can only hope the voters will let the board know what we’re thinking.

Robert Cashen