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Sat., Dec. 29, 2012

Armed pilots deterred hijackers

Following 9/11, there was an outcry from the airline pilot group and the flying public to allow pilots the means to protect their airplanes and their passengers.

The Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program was instituted as a volunteer program providing an intensive seven-day course in the lethal use of handguns.

There are now thousands of armed pilots flying the skies of America keeping the flying public safe. Each one of them has vowed, “Not on my airplane!” The time has come for a similar volunteer program in our schools to allow teachers the same rights as pilots.

If a teacher chooses to carry a concealed firearm, shouldn’t the public support that with the same enthusiasm given the armed airline pilots? Aren’t our children as precious to us as our flying public? We need a program modeled on the FFDOs, Armed Teacher Volunteers (ATV).

What sign would you rather see over the door at your child or grandchild’s school: “This school is a gun free zone,” or “This school is protected by armed volunteers”?

A teacher should be able to say “Not in my school!’

Steve Ball

Retired airline captain/Federal Flight Deck Officer


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