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The Slice: Beware the walk-in freezer

If you have a garage, there’s a chance you might use it as a refrigerator annex at this time of year.

That’s fine when the temperatures mostly hover in the high 30s and low 40s. But what do you do if it gets really cold outside?

After all, not every food/beverage item stored in your garage is something you would want to see frozen solid.

If your garage is attached to the house, the home’s dwelling area might bleed enough heat to keep the garage from turning into a big freezer. But if you park your car in a separate structure, you might have to shuttle things in and out of the house.

Either that or just wait for what sounds like gunshots coming from the garage to remind you that you left bottled drinks out there and they are now robustly popping their tops.

Of course, it could just be raccoons in your garage getting a head start on New Year’s Eve.

Speaking of rodent revelry … There will not be a Marmot Lodge New Year’s Eve party this year on account of the Grand Poobah not being able to stay up that late.

Just wondering: How much Christmas shopping have you done for 2013?

How your customers who don’t know your name describe you: A) “The pretty one.” B) “The guy with the thing.” C) “The one with the out-of-control hair.” D) “The angry one.” E) “The one with the voice.” F) Other.

There’s a website up ahead: Check for details of the upcoming two-day “Twilight Zone” marathon. It starts Monday morning.

This can be a good thing to have on in the background while looking at year-end financial statements. Sometimes the theme and intro seem especially apt.

“You’re traveling through another dimension…”

Warm-up question: If you were an established Spokane TV news anchor, would you worry if your station hired a young, attractive fill-in anchor or would you simply be inclined to say “Bring it on”?

Today’s Slice question: How would it sound if you went by your first initial and full middle name? You know, like F. Murray Abraham or F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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