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Forward thinking: It’s unlikely local news will all be good in 2013

But it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?

It’s probably true that most of us have at least two visions of the future.

There are things we hope to see happen. And then there are events we actually expect to take place.

For all but the most irrepressible optimist, those are different lists.

So if you were to predict local headlines that will appear in 2013, your wishes and real-world forecast might well be at odds.

An assortment of Today section readers offered examples of such two-track prognostications.

For instance, here’s what Tim Gaines hopes to see in 2013.

“Zags make Final Four”

Which isn’t quite what he actually expects to read. That would be …

“Zags eliminated in 2nd round nail-biter”


Jim Markley would like to see headlines that declare a wrapping up of the public affairs of two Idaho newsmakers, one a murderer and the other an embattled former lawmaker with legal problems.

“Duncan done” or “Hart pays”

But what does he really expect to see?

“Appeal filed”

Of course, not everyone is skeptical about 2013.

Rhea Giffin said her hopes and expectations are running side-by-side. And she noted that her headline is local if one sees that “local” is part of global.

Her headline:

“Compassion and cooperation collapsing corruption worldwide”

You read it here first.

Some readers offered headlines on two different subjects.

Kathy Bihler’s pie-in-the-sky offering: “Paul Allen funds new natural history museum”

Her prediction of 2013 reality: “Parking: An expensive experience for downtown shoppers”

A few participants in this exercise did not specify which of their headlines belonged to which category. So, in the case of one from Bob and Dianne Douthitt, you can decide for yourself.

“Spokane Police Department recognized for efficiency, compassion: ‘Most of them have been doing it all along’ ”

Edward Sawatzki opened with his hoped-for headline and followed with his expected one.

“April 1st canceled, no local contenders”

“Lines camped out around Apple Store for new release”

Theresa Schimmels went in the same order.

“WSU Cougar football Pac-12 Champions — Mike Leach credits players”

“WSU football finishes season 6-6: Debate about Leach contract $$ heats up”

Along those lines, Jeff Brown expects to see this.

“WSU football team ‘Cougs It’ again”

Maybe pessimism is a form of inoculation.

A couple of readers pictured themselves making news in 2013.

Noting that he had himself in mind, Nick Suksdorf submitted this headline.

“Spokane man wins record Mega-Millions jackpot”

And you might be able to guess who wrote the following projected 2013 headline.

“Bonnie Weaver retires after winning $40 million lottery”

We all have dreams, perhaps.

Some, as reflected in Gary Polser’s hoped-for headline, have been around a while.

“North-South Freeway on schedule for completion”

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