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If you remember some of the big stories of 2012, or even if you don’t, you could be a winner in our end of the year That’s News to You quiz. We’re offering bigger prizes in our online version and a chance for our newspaper readers to have a leg up on winning the top prize of a $100 gift card to the Davenport Hotel. All five questions here are part of the 20 questions in our year-end edition. As always, all entries go into a drawing for a weekly prize, so warm up your news memories here, then try the online version at

1. Greater Spokane Incorporated and the Washington congressional delegation made a push to make sure that Fairchild Air Force Base

A. Gets a new runway

B. Gets a new headquarters building

C. Gets a B-52 for its memorial park

D. Gets the newest rescue helicopters for the Survival School

E. Gets the first KC-46A air refueling tankers

2. Gonzaga University had a controversial speaker for this spring’s commencement ceremony. Who was it?

A. Ted Nugent

B. Dick Cheney

C. Desmond Tutu

D. William Ayers

E. George Soros

3. Felix Hernandez pitched a perfect game in August. Which of the following is NOT true about that game?

A. It was the first perfect game by a Mariner.

B. It was the first perfect game at Safeco Field.

C. It was the third perfect game in the major leagues this season.

D. It was the second no-hitter pitched by the Mariners this season.

E. Can’t fool me. All of those are true.

4. When former police Officer Karl Thompson Jr. was sentenced in November for his role in the 2006 death of Otto Zehm, what sentence did he receive?

A. 21 months

B. 31 months

C. 41 months

D. 51 months

E. Can’t fool me. As a police officer, Thompson received probation.

5. A Kootenai County Republican group accused a rival organization of “identity theft” over the use of whose name?

A. Abraham Lincoln

B. Barry Goldwater

C. Ronald Reagan

D. George W. Bush

E. Can’t fool me. North Idaho Republican groups would never fight over something like that.

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