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The Slice: No doubt: 2013 will rock, maybe

You can’t really prove it in advance.

But statistically speaking, it seems a sure bet that for at least a few people in the Spokane area, 2013 will turn out to be one of the best years of their lives.

Maybe they will meet the special people who will give their existence purpose and meaning for decades to come.

Perhaps 2013 will be the year when the light bulb goes on and they finally find the right direction.

Maybe it will be the year prayers about the health of a child are happily answered.

Perhaps it will be the year when those trying to drag these people down come face to face with their own smallness.

Maybe it will be the year when they come up with big ideas.

Perhaps it will be the year when, beset by troubles, they learn that people care about them.

Maybe 2013 will be the year when risks are emphatically rewarded in ways that could not have been imagined here in 2012.

Or perhaps it will be the year when some of us who are blessed look around and realize how fortunate we are.

The half-dozen secrets to a good New Year’s Eve kiss: 1. Firm, intentional lip pressure. 2. Do not make the person you are kissing wonder if you are a cannibal. 3. Smile before and smile after. 4. Do not give the person you are kissing any reason to wonder what you are doing with your hands. 5. Do not have been eating Taco Chic salsa or garlicky hummus immediately before the smooch. 6. You’re not in a rom-com movie. You aren’t a couple of 19-year-olds going for woo-hoos at their wedding. About 2.3 seconds should do it.

One Slice reader wondered: If businesses with time/temperature signs notice that these advertising marquees get more attention when the info displayed is obviously askew.

Warm-up questions: Seeing as how we don’t have hurricanes, should the Inland Northwest name snowstorms? If you were appointed to select the names, what would you call the first three storms?

Today’s Slice question: When in 2012 did you really wish you could have a do-over?

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