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The Slice

By Paul Turner

Dec. 28 – I was discussing email privacy with a friend when I remembered something a classmate had said back in junior high.

Our algebra teacher, Mr. Powers, wanted all his students to keep a notebook. Occasionally he would ask that we hand these in for evaluation.

One guy who sat next to me back then joked that he was going to spice up his own notebook with comments along the lines of “Mr. Powers teaching a great class today!”

What’s that got to do with email privacy?

Well, suppose you suspected that some manager at your workplace was reading your office email. Would it help to occasionally write things like “It’s an honor to work for this company” or “My boss really dresses well”?

Probably not.

My guess is they skip over anything that’s not at least R-rated.


By Rich Landers

Dec. 28 – Here’s a way to rally on New Year’s Day: Walk it off!

Riverside State Park in Spokane is among 13 parks in the state beckoning walkers to ring in the new year – and celebrate the 100th year of Washington State Parks – with a group hike.

The First Day hike begins Jan. 1 at 1 p.m. at the swinging bridge parking lot in the Bowl and Pitcher Area. Visitors will explore the Bowl and Pitcher River Trail and see the dramatic winter whitewater rapids of the Spokane River. The hike is open to participants of all ages.

Find more information about First Day hikes across the state at


By Rebecca Nappi

Dec. 27 – My friend Chris, a woman I have known since we were both girls, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, and very soon had a double mastectomy. Now she is undergoing rigorous chemotherapy.

Her beautiful, thick hair started falling out in clumps on Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas, we went together to her beloved stylist, Sherrie, to get a buzz cut. It was a quiet day in the salon, and I took cellphone photos of the process, as Chris requested.

The salon became sacred space during the 20 minutes it took to cut and then shave Chris’ head, and in that sacred time, as Chris’ hair fell to the floor, I saw many of her family members emerge from her face.

Afterward, we did not cry, as we expected, but we felt almost giddy, and we texted dozens of family members and friends to say: “Look, this is the new Chris.”

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