February 3, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Romney walks the talk


Mitt Romney is criticized on two specious counts. The first is fallaciously equating an income tax rate to a capital gains tax rate. Regular monthly paychecks are a known quantity for most people. There is no risk in the amount earned. However, those who invest in capital markets assume a lot of risk. There is no guaranteed gain for any time frame. In fact, they may lose a lot of money. The reward is a lower tax rate as an incentive to invest in growing our economy. Romney has done that.

Second, Romney is criticized for “vulture capitalism” that “raided companies” while he worked for Bain Capital. Quite the contrary, Bain invested in distressed companies and startups that needed capital (some of it Romney’s own money) and management expertise to grow. Romney successfully led many of these companies through difficult turnarounds. America is in desperate need of an economic turnaround, too. Romney can do that.

On the other hand, in 1998, U.S. House Republicans revolted against Newt Gingrich’s “erratic, undisciplined leadership” and removed him as speaker after less than four years. Gingrich talks a good game. So does President Barack Obama. We need someone who can walk the talk. That’s Romney.

Bob Strong


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