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That’s NEWS to you

Did you follow the news last week?

Test out your news sense with this week’s That’s News to You Quiz. After you’ve warmed up your news sense, try to cash in on our interactive quiz at That’s News to You.

All online entries qualify for a drawing for two tickets to the Feb. 11 Gonzaga v. Loyola Marymount men’s basketball game and top entries qualify for a drawing for a $50 gift certificate at the Davenport Hotel.

1. This year’s Spokane Lilac Queen is from what area high school?

A. Central Valley

B. Ferris

C. Mead

D. Rogers

E. University

2. Starbucks announced a joint venture with a foreign company to open 50 outlets in

A. China

B. Egypt

C. India

D. Japan

E. Saudi Arabia

3. The New York Giants and New England Patriots are playing each other for a second time in a Super Bowl. What two teams played each other in three Super Bowls?

A. Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins

B. Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers

C. New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers

D. Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins

E. Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders

4. Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced it would withdraw funding for another agency, was highly criticized, then changed its mind and restored financial support to that agency. What group was on the other end of this controversy?

A. American Cancer Society

B. Gates Foundation

C. March of Dimes

D. Planned Parenthood

E. Can’t fool me. The Komen foundation would never change its mind like that in the face of criticism.

5. A riot after a soccer game killed 74 people in

A. England

B. Egypt

C. Germany

D. Ireland

E. Pakistan


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