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Education must be a priority in hard times

Thu., Feb. 9, 2012

Currently before Valley voters is an opportunity for citizens to take action and make a real difference in our community, right here and right now. This action is a resounding “yes” vote for our school replacement levies.

A “yes” vote will reaffirm our belief in the necessity of education to move our communities and our nation forward, and will continue the promise of one generation to the next for the betterment of all.

A “yes” vote is also a vote to strengthen our economic infrastructure. No amount of municipal spending and stimulus by any local government can overcome a weakened school system. Money, jobs and human capital will flow to those communities that have prioritized and made the commitment to excellence, despite economic challenges.

In this time of financial stresses, we too, must define our priorities. Our children must not be penalized and school operating budgets decimated by fiscal shortsightedness. The crucial components of our democracy and economic well-being are formed locally, through positive action. Each of us is needed for this success. Please vote “yes” Feb. 14 for our children and for our community.

Dean and Elizabeth Grafos

Spokane Valley


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