February 9, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Put Obama on a bus


It’s time to transport by bus President Barack Obama back to Chicago. How many pro-American ideals can this guy scuttle? This is the most important election since 1776, and we must punch his ticket back home.

Americans are tossed from jobs and homes, businesses close, crooked lenders run by government, theft by Wall Street bankers, phony unemployment numbers, three failed attempts worth $1 trillion to stimulate the economy, crippling regulations for businesses, apologizing for America to foreign leaders, pushing gay marriage, ignoring Congress and making decisions on his own, and a health care plan that would ruin the best system in the world.

The radical left-wing press is paying more attention to Kim Kardashian, Charlie Sheen and others rather than reporting the president’s poor performance.

By sending Barack kicking rocks down the road, we can revive our American pride, God-given freedoms, stop government from interfering with our lives, halt blowing money we don’t have, no IRS and go to a flat or fair tax, prosecute abortion doctors for their murderous acts, and get people back to work using the private sector by eliminating onerous taxation.

God blessed America. A thank-you requires our elected folks embody honesty and integrity.

Jock Swanstrom

Spokane Valley

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