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Fri., Feb. 10, 2012

Dream of job creation

The current political fervor over class warfare, vulture capitalism, paying your fair share, 99 percent vs. the 1 percent, capital gains vs. earned income, and Occupy everywhere, all under the mantra of social justice, is as dangerous to our American way of life as the Cold War ever was. Lenin and Mao used this same rhetoric very effectively and succeeded in their desired result, which was to make everybody equally poor!

I would like to challenge every American to take a moment this week and look at your paycheck. Unless you work for the federal, state or local government, the name in the upper left corner represents an individual, a company, a partnership, or a corporation representing a group of shareholders that invested money and took a risk to try and make a profit. And, by doing so, they created the job that you have and are being paid to perform.

If, in the name of social justice, you want to bring them down, then you must consider yourself a socialist. Rather, the real American dream should be to work smart and get your name in the upper left corner. The choice is yours.

Randall W. Babin


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