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Fri., Feb. 10, 2012

From our archives, 100 years ago

A parent-teacher meeting at Holmes Elementary produced some shocking information: Hundreds of students were attending vaudeville and motion picture shows at least once a week. Some attended nightly.

Opinion at the meeting was “almost unanimous” that efforts were necessary to curb the “sensation-mad, entertainment-seeking proclivities of the young.”

Some parents were horrified at the immorality of vaudeville and movies.

Mrs. H.W. Allen declared that she supported Mayor Hindley in having a “board of censorship” capable of judging “what would be good and what would be bad.”

The Holmes principal was concerned for a different reason.

She said it robs students of study time. They show up at school “pale and weary from loss of sleep, yawning and dull.”

From the legal beat: Three Spokane women had a novel and  enjoyable experience: They served on a jury at the Spokane County Courthouse. 

Women had not served on juries before women won the vote in Washington. 

All three called it a fascinating and educational experience. One called it “a lark” compared to staying at home and keeping house.

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