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Dream of job creation

The current political fervor over class warfare, vulture capitalism, paying your fair share, 99 percent vs. the 1 percent, capital gains vs. earned income, and Occupy everywhere, all under the mantra of social justice, is as dangerous to our American way of life as the Cold War ever was. Lenin and Mao used this same rhetoric very effectively and succeeded in their desired result, which was to make everybody equally poor!

I would like to challenge every American to take a moment this week and look at your paycheck. Unless you work for the federal, state or local government, the name in the upper left corner represents an individual, a company, a partnership, or a corporation representing a group of shareholders that invested money and took a risk to try and make a profit. And, by doing so, they created the job that you have and are being paid to perform.

If, in the name of social justice, you want to bring them down, then you must consider yourself a socialist. Rather, the real American dream should be to work smart and get your name in the upper left corner. The choice is yours.

Randall W. Babin


Great grades for CV

Recently the Central Valley School District sent out a newsletter to keep our community informed and involved. We read with interest about the many recent achievements of the district. To name a just a few:

• Recognized in the top 5 percent of highest performing districts in Washington state.

• A high school graduation rate of 88.5 percent.

• A state audit report of financial records with six consecutive years of no findings.

• State Patrol bus inspection with a pass rate of 98.8 percent.

• Reducing waste garbage fees with a cafeteria composting program.

• Students working to support Spokane Valley Partners with food and cash donations.

The communiqué went on to provide information on a forthcoming request for a three-year operations/ replacement levy. After reading about the district’s many significant contributions to our students and community, it made us appreciate just how fortunate we are to have such quality schools educating our children.

CVSD continues to excel even with reduced financial and staffing resources.

Congratulations to the students, staff and administration of Central Valley schools. Count on our vote of confidence for you in the February vote. We encourage the voters of our entire community to do the same.

Jay and Kay Walter


Vote yes for the levy

Having volunteered in Central Valley schools for the past seven years, I have been overwhelmed by the devoted teachers and staff. They work countless hours, well beyond the workday, to instill a love for learning and find new ways to inspire young minds. How could we even consider shortchanging our children and their teachers with further budget cuts?

This is not an additional tax, as some would have us believe. The levy simply allows the schools to function at their current level. Please vote yes for the levy.

Marianne Kartchner


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