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Sat., Feb. 11, 2012

Clark is bad for city

It was my choice to return to Spokane 14 years ago. I didn’t want to leave when my parents relocated us to Seattle while I was still in elementary school. I have never known a more friendly, generous or compassionate town. Spokane is a town where organizations and individuals strive to increase economic development and where being a volunteer is an occupation.

Doug Clark’s column negates all the hard work we do as organizations and individuals to bring new business to our city which in turn spells jobs for our citizens.

I, for one, am embarrassed when some of my friends who are chief executive officers of large corporations visit from out of town. Many who own their own businesses compare the content and the language within his column to the best example of yellow journalism they have ever seen.

Continued disrespect for our way of life, for our elected officials, for our first responders – fire and police – is not a calling card or an invitation for relocation of new businesses to our great city.

As long as we as individuals in both the public and private sectors continue to participate in his activities and antics, and remark to each other “just don’t read his column,” we can be assured that our city and its citizens who work so hard to make a difference will be portrayed as buffoons.

Relocation of new business, which can mean new jobs to Spokane?

Why, when we as citizens allow these perceptions to go unchallenged and accepted by others?

Karen Kearney


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