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From our archives, 100 years ago

One workman was dead and another in jail for murder after a deadly confrontation at the Washington Brick and Lime Co. near Dishman.

Manuel Steinke gave a deathbed interview to police in which he said an assailant approached him in the dark and, without a word, shot him through the chest. Steinke fled, bleeding, into a lime kiln, but the “thug” followed and shot him again in the back. He identified the “thug” as one of his co-workers. Steinke died soon after the interview.

Police searched the co-worker’s room and found a pistol and gold pieces alleged to have been taken from Steinke. Police arrested the co-worker when he showed up for work the next day. He was charged with murder.

From the clairvoyant beat: Spokane’s leading spiritualist, the Rev. Cora Kincannon Smith, claimed that the spirit of famous singer Emma Abbott had entered the body of young Geneva Rosencrants, of Spokane. Miss Rosencrants, normally a poor singer, acquired a “strong and melodious” voice when in a trance. Her voice was so good, a theater manager offered to hire her, said the psychic reverend. Emma Abbott had been dead for 12 years.

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(From the Associated Press)

1812: Massachusetts Gov. Elbridge Gerry signed a redistricting law favoring his Democratic-Republican Party – leading to the term “gerrymandering.”