February 12, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Don’t believe voodoo math


Local school districts claim the new tax levy rate is higher because property values have decreased. OK, let’s do the math. My property tax statement shows a 5 percent decrease in value. Central Valley School District wants an 18 percent tax increase. Just maybe we have uncovered a clue as to why our schools are not performing as well as we want them to. This must be some kind of voodoo math or new new math or no math at all.

To homeowners fighting to keep their homes, to folks trying pay for their kids’ college or seniors trying to pay for their medications, this tax increase might seem justified. I think it’s an outrageous and insensitive money grab. And let’s not forget what we learned about our local school districts last spring: They have double the administrators the state requires and funds. Make no mistake, this new tax levy is not for the kids, it’s for the administrators, the ones that do voodoo math.

While all of us have to buckle down and tighten our belts, the school administrators seem to think they are entitled to more and more. We taxpayers need to send a message and vote no.

Patrick McDonald

Spokane Valley

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