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SUNDAY, FEB. 12, 2012

Dump mail, get facts

Many registered voters received anti-levy material recently. This excess tax material does just what the business group intended. It makes you doubt your own school district and the levy information they distributed.

If you have doubts about the material you’ve received from your school district, don’t take it out on our kids. Find out the facts. Go to a levy meeting, go to your school’s website, go to the school board, or call the administration office for information. Learn the truth about the needs for your school district. If you still have doubts, ask your school district what they will be required to cut if the levy doesn’t pass. In Riverside School District alone, the budget would be reduced by approximately 23 percent if the levies don’t pass.

Our kids can’t fight this anti-levy material. They are relying on parents, community members, grandparents, teachers, school employees and administrators to find out the facts and support the levy. Supporting the levy is supporting education. Supporting education is vital to our economy. Most business owners understand the impact a good education system has on the economy. That is why they are supporting this levy.

Sandra Huggins


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