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Unappealing land-use bill

“Mielke testimony in Olympia favored land use appeal fee.”

I’d be the first to admit that I don’t know much about the Growth Management Act, but what I do know about is arrogance when I see it. Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke’s push to charge a $400 fee to citizens who appeal land use decisions just demonstrates what happens to people when left in elected office too long.

Can you imagine one of us sheep actually believing that government could make a wrong decision? After all, our elected officials have done so well in leading us down the road to greater prosperity, housing booms and a robust economy. The bottom line is this: When these public officials start believing that they’re smarter than everyone else and that we have no business challenging the very decisions that affect us, it’s time for them to go.

I thank John Roskelley for his service to our community and for pointing out that Mielke’s bill was intended to “eliminate those pesky citizens from holding elected officials accountable.” But again, regarding Roskelley, I don’t believe that elected office should be a career move, and that more people in our community should be involved in the process.

John Esco

Liberty Lake


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