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Thu., Feb. 16, 2012

Vestal pushes agenda

No matter where one stands on the recent Planned Parenthood vs. Susan G Komen flap, Shawn Vestal’s Feb. 3 column made some outrageous statements that should be called into account.

Vestal refers to reimbursement of several hundred thousand dollars in fraudulent Medicaid billings as “sloppy billing practices” and “thin support” for an investigation into Planned Parenthood. Most people would call this fraud and criminal suit would follow.

Vestal also states that Komen will be “eliminating funding for, oh, merely tens of thousands of breast cancer screenings for women.” Komen has stated that the funding would continue just not through Planned Parenthood.

Vestal infers that the present investigation into Planned Parenthood is being used “as a basis to prevent poor woman in Spokane from getting checked for life threatening illness.” I guess there is no other provider where women without means can get checked for breast cancer.

Vestal accuses his adversaries of “phony, vile accusations.” Since Komen has already reversed its decision the point is moot. I do find it instructive and revealing that a journalist would stoop to this level of false rhetoric to push a personal agenda.

Tony Caruso


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