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Wellesley closed after water main burst

UPDATED: Thu., Feb. 16, 2012, 9:36 p.m.

City officials shut down a portion of Wellesley Avenue tonight after a large water main burst and dumped gallons upon gallons of water into the street.

The break occurred on a 12-inch, World War II-era pipe.

“This is a leadite pipe, and we are seeing more breaks in this particular kind of aging pipe,” said City Spokeswoman Marlene Feist.

“A handful of homes (are) currently without water,” Feist said. “Once we get the control valves closed down, we will be able to get the water turned back on for everyone.”

Dan Kegley, water supervisor for the City of Spokane Water Department, estimated Wellesley would be shut down from Crestline Street to Nevada Street for six to eight hours.

The road will likely be reduced to one lane for the morning commute. Repair work will begin tonight and likely continue into tomorrow.

So far, a few homes in the area have reported water damage and city insurance adjustors are on the scene.

The pressure from the burst cracked the asphalt and spewed gravel around the perimeter of the pipe, which broke in the intersection of Wellesley and Perry Street.

Kegley said it is too soon to determine how much water was lost.

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