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The Slice: Beware of the Cupboard People

Mon., Feb. 20, 2012

Maybe they are a kind of ghost, or perhaps some sort of kitchen-dwelling pixies.

But Chewelah’s Carole Jones is certain the Cupboard People exist.

How else would you explain all the slightly open cupboard doors and not-quite-closed drawers? It’s a mystery.

Now I suspect there are those who will suggest “husbands” or “teenagers” might be more plausible explanations. But a supernatural answer somehow seems more congenial.

Just wondering: What line from a movie could be recycled for use in a film called “The Cupboard People”?

Besides “They’re heeeeere,” I mean.

Rules re: decorating a shared work space: “I have two sisters that work for me who job share,” wrote Jan Jesberger. “What the older one wants on the desk, goes.”

Slice answers: “In my admittedly humble experience, the key to pulling off a surprise birthday party is a clueless and gullible benefactor,” wrote Kathy Large, who successfully arranged one for her mother’s 80th.

Jeri Hershberger said the key is keeping invited guests from discussing it in advance on social media.

We’ve been called worse: A friend reading a book about World War II military slang came across a reference to “Spokane.”

According to the book, it meant “pork and beans.”

I’ve heard that once before, in a railroad dining context. Have you ever heard that?

Refrigerator science: He was totally good-natured about it. But longtime food safety specialist Jim Corcoran said prolonged inattention to what’s in the back of the fridge can create serious issues including spoiled, outdated or moldy food. “Some of these problems are downright scary.”

The inadequacy of your home’s closet space: “It’s like trying to put six gallons in a five gallon bucket,” wrote Bill Miner.

Found behind the wall: Longtime Slice reader Tim Wink knows a fellow who discovered a sawed-off shotgun in a burlap bag. Yes, that does make one wonder.

Maybe it was used to put the run on some Cupboard People.

Today’s Slice question: What do you say to anti-vaccination people in your extended family?

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