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Bomb found, disabled in north Spokane

A loud boom rang out in a north Spokane neighborhood this afternoon when police disarmed a bomb found in vehicle there.

A man who lived near the corner of Cincinnati and Wabash found a cardboard tube with a fuse coming out of it in the car, which was parked on the side of the road with a flat tire.

The man who called it in had initially called police yesterday when he saw the driver of the car acting erratically. Police that responded did not see anything illegal in the car and so could not investigate it further.

The man called again at 1:45 this afternoon, saying he had seen the tube through a car window, entered the car and picked up the device, realized it was a bomb and dropped it on the seat. When police responded today, the bomb was in plain view and bomb squad technicians responded to disable it.

Police have been in contact with the owner of the vehicle, but no arrests have been made. The investigation is continuing.