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Fight human trafficking

It sounds like Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna, who is also the president of the National Association of Attorneys General, is out to put pimps and prostitutes in the unemployment line. People found guilty of human trafficking, adultery, prostitution, child molestation and sodomy in China, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia are either hanged or beheaded. The death penalty for these crimes has received widespread public approval and support.

We seem to take a milder approach here in this country. The infamous Bunny Ranch in Reno, Nev., turned out for Ron Paul during the Republican caucus recently. Many young women, looking to escape a life of poverty and abuse, are sucked in and intimidated by pimps, using fear, confinement, forced drug use and gang rape. Selling young flesh creates revenue for pimps to purchase clothing, cars and weapons, and the lifestyle is very seductive and attractive to young recruits.

I hope and pray that McKenna’s strategy of protecting young, precious and sacred flesh from the sex trade industry will succeed, and those who run in the shadows and cry through the night won’t have to run and cry anymore.

James Gordon Perkins



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