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Thu., Feb. 23, 2012

We must advocate for kids

Our babies are being murdered. In Spokane, the United States and the world. Our agonizing question of why goes for the most part unanswered. Yes, we will give our personal views why: societal values, economy, overpopulation, technology. We will strike out in anger at views that do not agree with ours.

These do not solve the simple fact that our children, our babies, are not safe. Schools do everything they can to nurture a safe environment for six hours a day. Teachers learn to heed signs of neglect and abuse. Social workers and counselors with caseloads that chief executive officers would not tolerate come back every day to fight for the children. And yet, they keep dying.

I have no answers, no magic formula that would appeal to all beliefs, all reasonings. We must be advocates for our children, seek help for them, love and protect them.

Vicki McBride


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