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Can’t afford handouts

President Franklin Roosevelt started the entitlement idea in 1935 with Social Security to help give people something to look forward to. The Great Depression (a time when people really knew what poverty was) had people really needing hope.

Years passed and liberal political leaders brainstormed new ideas to give money to those unfortunate people who needed help, or thought they needed help. History tells us that many people do not hesitate to take handouts even if they have to lie or cheat to qualify for those handouts. Unfortunately, we have doctors and lawyers who are more than willing to help people beat the system.

One of the latest wrinkles is trying to get qualified for disability. As unemployment money ran out we saw an increase in the number of people applying for disability and an increase in the number of people who make their living helping you beat the system. We have 10.6 million people receiving unemployment at the present time.

The 50 percent of us who actually pay taxes cannot keep supporting those who pay little or no taxes! When will we wake up?

Gerald Ray



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